Fishing Rules for Espedalselva


    1. Violation of the rules will result in exclusion from fishing in Espedalselva.
      I.e missing rivercard/disinfection before you start fishing will result in suspension for the rest of the season + the next season.
    2. In general, the Norwegian public fishing rules is applicable, and with addition with these local rules. 
    3. The Espedals-card is mandatory for all persons above 18 years of age, that are going to fish in our river.
    4. All fishing equipment that can be/has been in contact with water should be disinfected BEFORE you start fishing. No exeptions! You can perform this at our local disinfect station at Helle bridge. Read instructions.
    5. Personal bag-limit of 1 salmon, each day, pr person. So even if you have 3 fishing cards the same day, still you are only allowed fishing 1 salmons a day. The fishing should be stopped straight after fish no. 1 is landed(also C&R is included).
    6. Scale samples should be taken on all salmon catched. The scale sample should be kept in the envelope provided, and put in the postbox at Helle-bridge before leaving.
    7. Fishing only allowed Thursday 00:00 until Sunday 23:59 during season(changes can occour, i.e mid-season evaluation)
    8. Sea-trout is protected and should be put back in the river careful and alive. Remember to report it after at Laksebørsen at Elveguiden. We try to count all sea-trouts C&R in the river.
    9. All catches should be reported online at Elveguiden Laksebørs. Normally, the same day.
    10. Kids below 16 years can, followed by an adult, fish on the same fishing card for learning purposes. But, only max of 2 fishing rod to be used at all times and still, the total amount of fish allowed is 1 salmon a day.
    11. Fishingcard is personal, and for 1 person only(exeption for your kids, see next rule)
    12. Fish that’s hooked is not allowed. If you are unlucky, the salmon should be put back into river, anyway. No discussion. If you are getting caught, not following this rule you will be excluded for fishing in the river directly!
      The fish is defined as “hooked” if the hook is placed behind the gills of the fish.
    13. Mobile fishing should be practiced. Max. 20 minutes from the same place and respect fishing from other side of the river as well as your fishing colleagues on the same zone.
    14. There will be an mid-season evaluation(mid July). Changes can take effect. I.e lower bag-limit, changes in fishingdays and so on. And even closed. To be announced.
    15. The river will be closed for further fishing as soon as the flow down the river comes below 2,3m3/s. To open up for fishing again, the flow has to rise up to above 2,8m3/s. See for further info.
    16. In the Espedals-vannet(above the river). Fishing its legal at the period of 01 april until 31 may, for fishing char. But NO salmon or sea-trout in this period.
    17. Respect the separate zones. Only fish on the zone you have fishing cards. Any question, contact committee, or the land owner.
    18. Show respect of the land-owner. Don’t go over cultivated land. Go around, and use tracks when available.
    19. Don’t litter nature. Pick up all your garbage. We are happy if you pick up others as well if you find some. Help us keep a clean riverside.

Last update, march 2024

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