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Here you will find some info regards fishing for salmon in Espedalselva, Forsand.
We hope that you will find the most important you need to know about fishing in the Espedalselva, Forsand. A popular river for fishing salmon in this area. It is possible to get huge salmon if you are skilful and lucky.
You’ll also find some information on other opportunities for tourists in the area
For tourists we reccomend visit Tourist Info, Ryfylke. Link
Important phonenumbers for Sandnes Kommune: Link

Any questions ?
Feel free to ask. send us a email: espedalselva(at)  (replace (at) with @.
Or call one of us on the committee: See menu “Om Espedalselva” -> Styret, for a list of persons to call.

The fishing season starts at 01.juni and lasts until the 31 august.
You are only allowed fishing for salmon on these days: thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. 
Fishing for sea-trout is not allowed(preserved).

Enjoy 😉 

One more thing:
We want everybody to take scalesamples of the fish we get.
You should pick up a couple of envelopes in the postbox at the disinfectstation and bring with you at all times.
You can read this article to understand “how to do it”: Link

After you have done your scalesamples, filled out all info on the front of envelope, put the envelope in the postbox with padlock at the disinfectstation. Thx for your help.