The 4 golden rules

There are 4 golden rules to follow before you can start fishing in Espedal River.

1. Espedalscard, mandatory for everybody that are going to fish in Espedalselvva. Read more and buy at Elveguiden before you start fishing: Link

2: Buy yourself a fishing license and bring it with you when fishing. (you already baught this ? 😉

3: Disinfect all your equipment BEFORE you start fishing, to prevent spreading the parasite Gyrodactylus salaris. Very important, and there are no exeptions for this rule! 
Please follow instructions placed in postbox and on the wall, for receipt and how-to.

Read more about this parasite here. Link

You can disinfect your equipment at Helle bridge, a big blue barrel is placed there marked with “Virocid”. ALL equipment that can be/has been in contact with water shall be in the barrel for 15 minutes. Long equipment as i.e your fishing rod that dont fit in the barrel can be sprayed thorough with the spraycan and wait for 15 minutes and then cleaned with fresh water.

4: In general, in Norway everybody that wants to fish for salmon/sea-trout has to pay a fishing-fee to NORWEGIAN ENVIRONMENT AGENCY. You have to bring with you a receipt for this fee every time you are out fishing(paper or digital). You can pay online and read more about this Fishing Fee at this website: Link  
Tip: If you get a norwegian webpage, press english flag, up right corner.

The fishingseason is: 01. juni -> 31. august.

And remember, in general, all fishing not allowed monday, tuesday and wednesday(can be changes during mid-season evaluation).
Sea-trout is NOT allowed to fish(protected)

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