How to buy fishingcard

To buy a fishing-card in Espedalselva you can follow the simple guides below.

How to buy Fishing cards:
For the upcoming season, the fishingcards will be adverticed online at which are selling fishingcards for a lot of rivers in Norway.
You can also buy fishingcards directly from the land-owner if available.

There will be fishingcards from 5 locations in the river available online.
Vald 5, vald 6, vald 10, vald 13, vald 16, vald 21, will have fishing cards available online.

Please login or register yourself at their site, if you are going to buy fishingcards online.
If you already have a fishing card, you alse need to register to be able to register your catch at Laksebørsen. 

For register yourself / login at