How to buy fishingcard

To buy a fishing-card in Espedalselva you can follow the simple guides below.

How to buy Fishing cards:
The available fishingcards will be adverticed online at which are selling fishingcards for a lot of rivers in Norway.
You can also buy fishingcards directly from the land-owner if available.

There will be fishingcards from several locations(zones/vald) in the river available online.

There can be an limit at each location(vald) of how many card you can buy each day. Read info on each vald.

On Elveguiden support-pages you can find info about buying, reporting and so on: Link

Please login or register yourself at their site, if you are going to buy fishingcards online.
If you already have a fishing card, you alse need to register to be able to register your catch at Laksebørsen. 

For register yourself / login at

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