About Reporting:

Next, if you are lucky and get yourself a salmon you have to report it to us. You can do this at Elveguiden Laksebørs webpage.
In general, if you get a fish, a “fishing-report” should be delivered, and also if you don`t get any, you should deliver a 0-catch report(you will get the option when registering). 

And remember. 
Check the fishingrules for updated info about bag-limit. 
Also read and understand the fishingrules for the river as well.

Lakseboersen – HowTo

Here you can see a document guiding you through a registration of catch at Lakseboersen.
Lakseboers registration how-to

Still need help?
contact us: espedalselva(at)

Regards pink salmon / humpback salmon!

We`ve been informed that from the season 2019 pink salmon/humpback salmon(Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) all catches shall be reported into our systems (Laksebørsen) as Pukkellaks? or pink salmon.
Its a unwanted species in norwegian rivers, so all should be killed.
We also encourage to take scale samples and deliver in the postbox at Helle (disinfect-station).
We would also like, if you take a picture and send us an email with some info about when and where.

We hope you all enjoy your visit in Espedalselva.

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